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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will be constantly updating these FAQs. if you have a question you would like answered, please contact us

Why do I need to capture customer records?

The UK is currently experiencing a public health emergency as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is therefore critical that organisations take a range of measures to keep everyone safe.

The easing of social and economic lockdown measures following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. The Department of Health and Social Care is asking organisations to keep a temporary record of customers and visitors for 21 days and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed. This could help contain clusters or outbreaks. You can read the latest guidance here.

What’s a QR Code?


Quick Response (QR) codes are everywhere these days and becoming increasingly popular with businesses and brands as a way to connect with their customers. 


The great news is, most smartphones now come with a QR Code scanning feature built-in to the camera app. These include iPhone, Samsung, Motorola and Huawei to name a few. To find out how to use them, see our Quick Guide.


What happens if I don't have a smartphone, or my phone won't read the code?


When businesses set up the system (which only takes minutes) they will be given a link which enables them to quickly add your details manually, or they might scan their QR code with a device which belongs to the venue (which they will then clear your data from). No pen or paper is involved, and details are held securely in line with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



Will I need expensive kit to make this work?


Not at all. Businesses just need a way to register and see their account and customers just need their phone!



What happens to customer data?


Data is transmitted and held securely on our secure server in the UK. 21 days after a customer visits, their data is deleted. If customers have opted into marketing and promotions from a location they have visited, the information they used to check in will be shared, but only on the basis that they have opted in and are happy for this to happen.

Once they've opted in, how do customers opt out of marketing from my business?

In line with GDPR laws, customers can opt out of marketing by contacting you directly.  Should a customer need to be contacted for the purposes of track and trace, you might need to hold their data for longer for reasons of compliance. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for full details.


Where is data stored and what will happen after Brexit?

Data is securely stored on our server in the UK. At the end of the Brexit transition period nothing relating to where our data is held will be impacted. This may not be the case for other providers who hold their data in the EU.


How do I see my account?


Your account is best viewed on a laptop or PC, but you can also look at on an iPad. Here you can view and print your QR code, change the messages and links that your customers see and access contact tracing and your marketing opt-ins. It’s all very straightforward!



How can I be sure my customer’s details have been captured?


Once you’ve set up your account and generated your unique QR code, we recommend you set up your promotions/ marketing messages and then check yourself in so you understand how the (very simple) process works. You’ll see that when you’ve checked in, some of the blocks on the check-in screen turn green. Green only appears on the screen when check-in has been successfully completed.



How do I use my Promotions screen?

For a quick 'how to' watch our short film here. Simply fill in the fields based on what you want your customers to see – you can add a special offer, message or promotion in the first field (which you can change as often as you like), add your website address and any relevant links You could add links to your menu(s), information on how you are staying Covid safe, future events – pretty much anything you would like your customers to look at once they’ve checked in!


How do I get my links and logo to appear on the customer Check-In screen?


Ensure that every time you add a URL you include the http:// or https:// elements. Without these your links won't work. You will find your logo URL by simply right clicking on your logo as it is displayed on your website. Select Copy Image Address and paste this into the logo field in Your Promotions. When your customers check in they will then see your logo (we recommend testing it out by scanning your QR code and checking in yourself). If you are having problems you are welcome to contact us.



How do I keep my customer's details secure?


Your Account is protected by a password which you will be prompted to set for security purposes the first time you access the system. Ensure you keep this password safe and that when you access the details of your customer check-ins, or those who have opted into receiving marketing from you, you treat all data in line with GDPR laws. Rest assured that we delete all data centrally after 21 days. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for full details.

What use will Covid Check-In be where I have made alterations to my premises so I can re-open for business?

Licensed premises which have altered any aspect to the layout of their premises will need to apply for a variation to their premises licence. On this application, a business will need to satisfy its local authority as to public safety, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from harm.  Being able to provide details of your use of Covid Check-In will help.

Will using Covid Check-In help me with a new premises application?

Yes. Businesses which are applying for a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003 need to satisfy the licensing department of their local authority of a number of things.  Businesses need to provide details of the steps they intend to take to promote the 4 licensing objectives.  These include public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

What about my premises plan?


A business applying for a new premises licence needs to enclose a plan of the premises.  A licensing authority will need to be satisfied that a business has taken adequate steps to protect public safety, prevent public nuisance and to protect children from harm.  It will help to include on the premises plan details about where your Covid Check-In points will be located.

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